Friday, August 6, 2010

Wolf's Bluff

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Author: W. D. Gagliani
Genre: Horror, Suspense
Setting: Wisconsin
Types of Werewolves: Bipedal and Quadrupedal
How Lycanthropy is Caused: Infection from a bite

Synopsis: The story picks up after the events in Wolf's Gambit. Werewolf cop Nick Lupo has recently discovered a hive of private mercenaries in Georgia who also happen to be werewolves. After a trip to gather information on them, he realizes that he has led the other werewolves right to the people he cares about the most. If that wasn't enough of a problem, a series of brutal "animal attacks" are plaguing the nearby town of Wausau.

Review: The latest installment of Gagliani's Nick Lupo series doesn't disappoint. The beginning starts with a bang but then things slow down a bit to focus on some of the tension that's been building up between Jessie and Nick. After that the momentum of the story steadily builds up to the suspenseful and blood drenched finale. The emotions are raw and the violence is even more so. Combine that with one hell of a cliffhanger for an ending, and you've got another successful werewolf novel from Mr. Gagliani!

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Review By: PenningtonBeast