Saturday, June 6, 2009

Undead on Arrival


  L.A. Banks
Genre: Action/Fantasy/Romance 
Types of  Werewolves:  There are three different types of werewolves in the "Crimson Moon" series, normal werewolves that look like larger versions of natural wolves, Shadow Wolves that look the same but have special powers, and Demon-Infected Werewolves that are bipedal, hulking monsters.
How Lycanthropy is Caused:  Genetics, genetic engineering, and by infection. 

Synopsis:  The story is the third installment of the "Crimson Moon" series and involves the main characters Sasha Trudeau and Max Hunter trying to control and find a cure for Hunter's Demon Infection.  In the process a clan war between the North American Shadow Wolves and the Southeast Asian Werewolf clans is about to break loose with the vampires instigating the impending chaos. 

Review: while not as fast-paced as the second book, Bite the Bullet, Undead on Arrival doesn't disappoint.   There is plenty of psychological drama and tension within the story and the character's emotions are believable.  My only complaint is that the inclusion of the Fae castle and fairy realm made the book seem more "Harry Potter" than "The Howling."  Personally, I prefer my werewolves to exist separate from other mythical beings.  Other than that, it was an enjoyable read and I'm looking forward to the next book, Cursed to Death, which is out this October. 

More about the series can be found here:

-Reviewed by PenningtonBeast. 

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