Friday, September 18, 2009

Never Cry Werewolf

Author: Heather Davis
Genre: Teen romance
Setting: Oregon, Beverly Hills -Present Day
Types of Werewolves: Large Normal Wolves
How Lycanthropy is Caused: Genetics

Synopsis: A girl from Beverly Hills gets sent to "brat camp" in the remote forests of Oregon where she meets the mysterious son of a rock star who just happens to also be a werewolf.

Review: It was cute, but simple. I thought the characters were a little hard to relate to because they were all from wealthy families and it made the story a little hard to believe. I don't know if "brat camps" for rich kids really exist. The author relies a little too much on stereotypes instead of trying to come up with unique characters. Also, like, um, like the overuse of the valley girl accent is like, totally annoying. It's a good quick read, but it could have used a little more focus on the werewolf aspect of the story and less of the trials of the main female character at camp. I'd recommend it for kids, but there's not much in it for adults.

-Reviewed by PenningtonBeast.

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